Band structure effects in molecular wires

  • Short molecular chains can serve as wires. You can find a fair example in our recent paper published in Nature Materials.
Transmission probability. Click on the image for an explanation
  • Just like ordinary wires, molecular wires can be insulators or conductors.
  • But there’s more than that! In the length dependence of their excitation gaps, incommensurate oscillations can appear.
  • Read more in our paper in Nature Communications: “Signature of the Dirac cone in the properties of linear oligoacenes”
Incommensurate gap oscillations. Click on the image to read some details.

Spin-fluctuations and quantum transport at nanoscale

  • nanowires, molecules and even single atoms are a realization of low-dimensional quantum junctions
  • naturally, the electric current can be thought to be a consequence of charge fluctuations.
  • The fluctuations of electron’s spin come into play, when there is a spot in the junction where the Coulomb repulsion between electrons becomes very strong.
  • As an example, read about a switchable Kondo resonance in copper phthalocyanine in Physical Review Letters


Molecular spin torques

Recently, we have started a theoretical investigation of spin torques in molecular magnets. Stay tuned!