Methods of Statistical Physics 2022

Official name: “NFPL088 Metody statistické fyziky

Winter term 2022

Lecture: Wednesday 15:40 (weekly), room F155 (Ke Karlovu 5, Dept. Materials Physics, first floor)

Problem class: Wednesday 17:20, after the lecture

Teacher: Richard Korytár,

Condition for the credit: successful solution of at least 3 problems from the problem sheets (each problem can be solved by max. 1 student). The solutions will be presented by the students during the class. If we meet in a classroom (presence learning), the solution must be presented on a blackboard.

Problem sheets and schedule

  • First class: 12 October. The students can present solutions to the problems in the Sheet 1.
  • Sheet 2: to be discussed from November 2 on.
  • Sheet 3: to be discussed from November 16 on.
  • Sheet 4: to be discussed from November 30 on.
  • Sheet 5: to be discussed on December 21st
  • On January 4th we start at 15:40 with the problem class, there will be no lecture
  • Sheet 6: to be discussed on January 4th
  • Exams: 18 and 25th of January, 15:40