Methods of Statistical Physics 2021

Official name: “NFPL088 Metody statistické fyziky

Winter term 2021

Lecture: (change!) Wednesdays 15:40 (weekly), room F2 (Dept. Cond. Matt. Physics, first floor)

Problem class: every second week, Tuesday 11:30-13:10

Teacher: Richard Korytár,

Condition for the credit: successful solution of at least 3 problems from the problem sheets (each problem can be solved by max. 1 student). The solutions will be presented by the students during the class. If we meet on ZOOM, the presenter must share the solution by email and describe it or share the screen on ZOOM. If we meet in a classroom (presence learning), the solution must be presented on a blackboard.

Problem sheets and schedule

  • First class: 12 October. The student’s can present solutions to the problems in the Sheet 1.
  • Sheet 2: to be presented on the 26 October
  • Sheet 3: to be presented on the 9 November
  • Sheet 4: to be presented already on the 16 November
    No lecture on 24 November!
  • Sheet 5: to be presented on 30 November
  • Sheet 6: to be presented on 14 December
  • Sheet 7: to be presented on 4 January 2022